ProReveal Test – How it works

The ProReveal Test is simple to perform, requires very little training and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. The ProReveal Test consists of a specially patented reagent based on an OPA fluorescent spray which reacts with any residual proteins remaining on an instrument after the wash process. Users apply ProReveal spray as a light mist over the whole instrument from the spray bottle in which it is supplied. They then place the instrument inside the ProReveal Viewer where specially configured lighting causes the spray to fluoresce where it has reacted to any protein. An image of the instrument is displayed on a small screen on the ProReveal Viewer. This image shows any fluorescence on the instrument, indicating any remaining protein.

Integral software within the ProReveal Viewer quantitatively assesses the fluorescence and hence the amount of protein remaining on the instrument. This shows whether the washing process has met the required standard, eliminating the need for subjective user decisions on how well the decontamination process has worked. The viewer can store a copy of each image together with the test data for later review, if required.

The ProReveal reporting system allows for data to be saved within the unit, exported to a memory stick, printed or when the ProReveal is connected to a network, allows files to be saved to other computers.

When using the ProReveal in its diagnostics mode, users can input process data by entering bar codes or text and then monitor the performance over time of their washer disinfector process. Data can include user ID, washing machine information, detergent, shelf/tray position, process temperature and process details which are then plotted as a graph showing, over a chosen period, how the wash cycle is performing. These visual trend plots clearly show any change in operating parameters and point towards the need for washer optimisation. This powerful diagnostic tool can be used to analyse stored data within the ProReveal and even data sets from other systems for comparison purposes.