Syngene is committed to providing the best imaging technology available. That’s why we’ve recently upgraded the NuGenius to include a built-in PC. The NuGenius XE model features superior connectivity, a compact benchtop design, and a sturdy 5mp camera. These features combine to create the perfect gel imaging system for your lab with simple touch controls.


What is different between the NuGenius and the NuGenius XE?

Our imaging system maintains the same high-quality performance that Syngene is known for. The only update we’ve made is switching from the Raspberry Pi to a Windows PC for improved connectivity, greater control using newly designed software, ability to save locally on the unit or network without the use of a dongle or USB. NuGenius XE also includes Stain Free imaging capability as standard.

Can I use my printer, mouse, keyboard and more?

Yes! With our flexible USB support (including USB2 and USB3 options) if you can connect your printer via USB and have the Windows drivers, you can use it with the NuGenius XE (if not, the recommended printer drivers will need to be downloaded).

We recommend the Sony UPD898MD thermal printer, as the NuGenius XE already has the drivers installed. With the additional USB ports, you can also choose to attach external keyboards or a mouse if preferred. Feel free to get in touch with for more information.

Does the system use Wi-Fi or an ethernet connection?

While not built-in, with a Wi-Fi dongle attached via a USB port, you can connect to your lab’s Wi-Fi connection. You can also connect an ethernet cable directly to the system.


How much memory does the system have?  

The NuGenius XE has 80GB internal memory that allows you to save your results directly on the system, ready to transfer to your PC via USB or network connectivity, keeping your system fast, clean and efficient. We recommend transferring data off the system once done to ensure the very best processing speed.


What is the NuGenius XE operating system?

The NuGenius XE operates on Windows 10 Enterprise , providing better connectivity between your systems and helping you work more efficiently at an affordable price.



Is the new system still secure and supported?

Rest assured that your internal IT team now has the capability to effortlessly apply and update your NuGenius XE’s security settings to conform to your IT policy using a PC. This ensures that your organisation remains fully compliant with your company’s policy and all relevant regulations.


Can I get ongoing support for my system?

Syngene is now able to provide remote assistance for any system-related concerns or training needs (as long as the system is connected to an internet connection). If you wish to inquire about support agreements, you may refer to the brochure available at or contact our support team directly at


If you would like to see this system in action, please do not hesitate to contact us at We would be more than happy to schedule a demonstration for you.

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